Day 2 – Mostly to Mt laguna

Warning: these posts are not really entertaining, they’re simply a log of my days on the trail. There will be pretty pictures though, I promise (except today, I was too damn tired). 

Day 2 started with a lot of aches and a few pains. After putting on my shoes, I quickly realized that the way I lace my shoes causes bruises, so I had to relace them in a funky way before I could even start walking for the day.

After a breakfast of ibuprofen, the 4 mile walk into town went pretty well. I started at 3000 ft and had to climb up to 3500 before descending back to 3000 ft where I arrived in the “city” of Lake Morena.

I beelined to the local convenience store (the only convenience store) where I had an amazing cup of coffee (the only coffee around). Had a bit of small talk with the locals and then headed back on the trail towards Mt. Laguna.

The rest of the day involved a 2300 ft climb over 16 miles and my feet had finally had enough (I learned the next morning that my insoles were completely worn through).

The day ended with me being disgustingly dirty again along with newly discovered rashes in some places that aren’t so fun.

Also, it was hella windy. Not like, “oh my hair is going to get messed up” windy, like 20-30mph sustained winds all day and night.

There weren’t any coyotes crying in the distance unlike the previous night, but luckily there were some other campers around me so it doesn’t seem so remote.

Day 2 Summary:

Miles walked: 20

Food eaten:

  • 1 honey bun
  • 2 granola bars
  • 1 clif builder bar
  • 2 beef sticks
  • 1 instant mashed potatoes w/added olive oil

Water consumed:6  liters

Stopping point: The windiest stupid hill ever

Body condition at the end of the day:

  • Feet are hurting (3 bloody toenails)
  • Not nearly as dirty as day 1, but still hella dirty
  • Strange rashes in strange places (unrelated to south east Asia)