PCT 2017 Gear List

Over the course of the past year I’ve been researching blogs, websites, various Facebook groups to find out the best gear to bring out on the trail. Many items were purchased that were later traded out for lighter versionsĀ of similar items. Overall I’m pretty happy with my current setup, but wish I could shave off a few more lbs.

This is everything I’ll be carrying for the next few months, although I assume it’ll change a bit over time.

I’ll get the most common questions out of the way:

  • Yes, that’s only one pair of underwear for the trip
  • I only have 2 pairs of socks for hiking and one extra pair for sleeping
  • No, I don’t change clothes. I have one shirt and one pair of pants
  • Yup, that’s all of my gear for the next 4-6 months

Detailed Gear List

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